Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bill White has a "Come to Jesus" moment in the Valley?

Rick recently racked up dozens of South Texas Democrat endorsements... in Bill White's allegedly strongest area...

Now it looks like Bill White may have been summoned for a "Come to Jesus" moment (link). Excerpt follows...

Was it a Rio Grande Valley "come to Jesus" meeting for Bill White on Monday night (una venga a la reunion de Jesus?) Or was it one in a series of getting-to-know-Bill gatherings the White campaign has been conducting throughout the state, nothing more than an opportunity for the candidate to rally the troops and to plan a future Valley fundraiser and a get-out-the-vote effort?

An anonymous Republican operative characterized it as the former, as an opportunity for White to address concerns among skittish supporters that his campaign is not coming together.

Michael Moore, White's chief campaign strategist, characterized it as the latter. "It was an opportunity to meet with Valley leadership," he said. "We fly out to do these meetings all the time."

Not that Michael Moore...

More indication that this was a stern talking to kind of meeting...

White's supporters urged him to "put the campaign in fast-forward" and to reach out to Mexican Americans from the Valley down to Brownsville. "He might be doing well in Houston with Mexican Americans, but it doesn't necessarily mean that he's doing well statewide," he said.

"He's got a long way to go," Leo said. "Rick Perry is a pit bull, so he's got to be aggressive."

In other words... you are running a bad campaign. Get with the program. Just echoing Kay's failed campaign won't work here (link).

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