Friday, May 28, 2010

Bill White tried to deny active duty military the right to vote...

If Bill White had any shot at winning, it went out the door today...

This latest revelation about Bill White supporting a lawsuit to deny military members serving overseas the right to vote in local and state elections is stunning (link). Excerpt follows...

Bosnian war hero Scott F. O'Grady, who spent six days behind enemy lines when shot down in 1995, is questioning Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White's commitment to military voters.

O'Grady, who now lives in the Dallas area, is an active Republican and put out his statement through Gov. Rick Perry's campaign.

"As Memorial Day weekend begins, Bill White should apologize to all veterans and military men and women for supporting limited voting rights for the military ... As someone who has served overseas, I am personally offended by Bill White's belief that soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines serving their nation should be denied the right to vote for candidates seeking county, local, and state offices - including the office he is now running for. Bill White should be ashamed of his anti-military beliefs."

O'Grady was referring to a news conference White had as Texas Democratic Party chairman in 1997 in support of a lawsuit that was attempting to block the counting of military ballots in elections for local office.

Go read that entire link... the entire 1997 article is there...

This story should be practically the entire campaign from Rick from now on. Bill White joined a lawsuit against allowing the military to vote. Are you kidding me?

This is probably the monster story of the campaign. I may have been premature to call cap and trade Bill White's version of "bailouts." Denying members of the military the right to vote is one of the most disgusting things out there... but that is what Bill White tried to do in his role as the head of the Democratic Party in Texas.

Just sick...


  1. Bill White is a despicable man who belongs to a despicable party. Denying our soldiers the right to vote is simply terrible.

  2. Bill White is toast.

  3. Happy Memorial Day. Thanks for exposing this idiot.


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