Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bill White wants to "track" students like merchandise...

A very very very strange comment from Bill White today... look for Rick's peeps to use this at some point in the future if they are smart (link). Excerpt follows...
Asked about the conflicting dropout numbers, White said the state should be doing a better job tracking students. "This is not rocket science. If Wal-Mart can keep track whether 10 bigscreen TVs are missing in inventory anywhere around planet earth, we ought to be able to keep track" of students.
Bad quote... very strange idea... Bill White seems to have a certain big brother attitude when it comes to this stuff... he also got attacked by the homeschool community not to mention his politically suicidal Kay-like insistence on attacking Rick for rejecting federal strings and mandates that came with a portion of the federal stimulus money.

Rick rejected federal mandates. Bill White wants us to be more like the states that took the "free" federal money (link).

The more Bill White talks, the more he reveals himself as a big government liberal...

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