Thursday, May 27, 2010

Enough already with these liberal advice columns for Bill White...

Yet another one of those "here is what Bill White should do to beat Rick" articles, this time from the Houston Chronicle (link). Excerpt follows...

The White campaign has launched a website to continue pounding on the audit issue. Perry's spokesman Mark Miner told me last week that White ought to apologize for criticizing a program that has meant thousands of jobs for Texans.

As a campaign issue, the Texas Enterprise Fund is probably less a breakthrough moment than it is a slow tear, less a quick rip than a worn place on the seat of the pants that slowly becomes a hole. Maybe. As an issue, it could be a yawner.

For White, a more promising breakthrough moment -- think of Claytie Williams refusing to shake the hand of Ann Richards in 1990, Michael Dukakis perched atop an Army tank, Ted Kennedy unable to offer Roger Mudd a rationale for his 1980 presidential quest -- could be the rent-a-mansion issue, the $10,000-a-month home in West Austin the Perrys are occupying while the Governor's Mansion is being rebuilt.

It could be, that is, if the White campaign is adept enough to pounce like a cat and pummel the issue for all it's worth. We'll see.

Okay. We get it. You love Bill White and want him to succeed. You're helping him. You're writing ammo for him. You are paying attention to all the anti Rick stuff but ignoring the ethics problems of Bill White... we get it. You in the msm all have this urge to help your guy. You know he reads your stuff. You really wish you had been a political consultant instead of a reporter.

We get it already... start writing about Bill White's shady background or his lack of specific policy stances...


  1. The "Totally Unbiased and Objective" Texas Tribune is doing the exact same thing. I've taken to calling them the "Official Media Arm of the Bill White Campaign."

    It almost seems like they have daily "Talking Points" meetings with the Bill White's team to discuss the day's messaging, and how best to get it out to the public.

    Unbiased media, my ass.

  2. Joe Holley, like most media hacks these days, worked for a Democrat politician before becoming a "journalist."

    He was Ann Richards' speechwriter. Now he is writing the same kind of crap against Rick Perry for Bill White. But he's employed by the Houston Chronicle. Yeah, unbiased media. Sure.


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