Thursday, May 27, 2010

More free advice for Bill White from his buddies in the liberal msm...

You can read this one of two ways... this is another "Come to Jesus" moment from the media because they are rooting for him... or they just really want to embarrass him for being so inept and this is their way (link). Excerpt follows...
With the governor's race about 160 days away, and with former Houston Mayor Bill White down by nine points in the most recent Rasmussen poll, the question is: How does White, a Democrat, get back into the game?

Perhaps by taking a page from the standalone playbook of Pennsylvania Democrat Joe Sestak, who last week defeated Arlen Specter, a five-term senator. White's only chance to win is to seize the anti-incumbent moment.


White and his staff may be too Houston-centric. As a three-term mayor of Houston, White was extremely popular, with 80 percent approval ratings. But that adoration may be causing him to misread the mood of the rest of the state. He has to sell himself in 254 counties and 27 media markets, and he has to find his grass-roots game.

He has a good story to tell, but he's not telling it well. The son of two San Antonio schoolteachers, he's a lawyer, a husband, a Sunday school teacher. He also started two energy-related businesses and was deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy.

White's approach to telling it, including at a recent fundraiser in San Antonio, is modest, brainy and low-key, as if he and his staff assume people know who he is. They don't. His name identification is decent but does not compare with Perry's 100 percent. Solution: Hire a gifted speechwriter with a rapier pen and a sense of humor who can help him re-imagine his story.

As Hutchison did in the primary race against Perry, White is struggling to find the right message that will appeal to moderate Republicans as well as Democrats.

I don't think so. No amount of hired gifted speechwriters with rapier pens and senses of humors can help Bill White at this point...

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  1. This is all the press writes about anymore.


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