Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rick's campaign guru blasts another email out to the masses...

David Carney has a legendary email list... I've been told it is in the tens of thousands... and he likes to use it...

During the primary rickvskay@gmail.com made it onto his email list... and it looks like I am still on the list... here is the latest I was blind copied on along with probably thousands of others...

It’s May 1, 2010 just 186 days until Election Day; only 160 days until Early Voting begins. However, in politics six months is forever.
Lots has happened since the Primary day. We have begun to lay the foundation for a huge victory this fall and your continued
help, advice, friendship and support is the main reason why.

We have continued to line up important support and endorsements from groups of Texans from across the state, we have
strengthen our finance leadership team with the integration of the Senator Hutchinson’s folks and the Governor continues to lead this state
and lay out his vision for the future. And it is working.

I hope you saw some of the coverage of the NASCAR sponsorship, Bobby Labonte and #71 car team were great and
the statewide car tour was a smashing success. We have a ton of projects like that to continue to reach out to general election voters
in nontraditional ways. Your ideas and feedback are always welcome.

The good news is that the GOP and independent general election voters are fired up about the fall election and their enthusiasm
has not waned. The survey results in both Texas and nationwide show that our side is over twice as fired up as our hapless opponents’ side.

Bill White is living in some parallel universe it appears. His world is one where all is well, and that he is beloved in Houston and wins
by huge margins because he is a successful conservative businessman who will win because his record in Houston was so great.
I guess he has missed the news that the new Mayor and City Council in Houston have been faced with the huge task of cleaning up
his massive spending and borrowing scandals. His own handpicked city finance director has testified that White overspent revenue for years, the new
Mayor has been force to cut and slash city services while hiking fees some as much as 30% all due to White mismanagement. Never mind
the convoluted Kabuki dance White has tried to employ to hide his shady secret scheme to make money while in public service; he hides
his income taxes to hide what? More dirty deals like the $2.6 million in payments while “serving” on the board of directors for a firm that is currently under federal investigation.
What board pays over $600k a year for part time board membership this supposedly while White was a full time big city mayor 24/7?
White is right about one thing his record is going to help elect a governor he just has the wrong candidate.

But how is the Houston fiscal mess that Mayor White left affecting his mythical story line. Data shows that Houston voters are not happy; in fact
White own surveys must show he is in deep trouble in Houston. White has bought almost $400k of TV and Cable advertising next week to
remind folks what a great mayor he was. Its entitled “Man on the Move” it’s true title is “Man on the Run” This is really a desperate Hail Mary tactic.
TV ads this early show how flawed his strategy really is while Mayor Parker, the new mayor, struggles to find an end of Bill White’s hidden deficit spending and Houston taxpayers
under White have twice the per capita debt as state debt in California!

This tactic to bump up his numbers in his own base this early is laughable.
It’s like the well-worn leftie fun fact that Bill White won re-election with over 80% the vote in Houston.
True but Governor Perry has won more votes in Houston then White ever did every time his has run for governor.
It is the not percentage of votes that matter is the number of votes. Will we win Harris County and the City of Houston
this fall and the Bill White massive infusion of Obama funds and trial lawyer money he is spending next week won’t solve the his problems.
If White can’t win Harris County without spending almost $400k per week now through November 2 His cause is lost.
What a failure his campaign has been!

However, don’t take this sign of a struggling campaign for granted. Our plan for victory is not depended on what our
opponent does it is depended on the vast grassroots organization that you have help build and the leadership that Governor Perry provides.

We have a lot to do.

You can help and please don’t hesitate to offer your ideas and to help lead this campaign to victory.

Three quick steps to take right now:
1) Follow the Governor on facebook; if you already do invite ten of your friends to follow. There is a suggest to friends button on the left hand of the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/GovernorPerry under the photo of the Governor.
2) Set up your own home headquarters; if you already have one set up a second one its easier than ever, head to www.rickperry.org <http://www.rickperry.org>
3) Be an advocate, express your views on the internet and blogs, be a surrogate speaker for the campaign, advocate for the Governor within your civic, professional and family relationships.
As always thanks and please keep in touch.


PS: I have a small wager with Rob; I hope to raise $7100 this weekend for the online fundraising goal.
Please hit this link and help me beat Rob. http://www.rickperry.org/donate-advocate?kimbiaAdvocateId=5C36TLWMHA8M3Z3CX7BQBW2T any amount would be great. But I’ll (and by I’ll I mean Kevin will) send you an Bobby Labonte hero card if you give $50 or more by Monday at Midnight. Thanks

I send these to personal friends who might be interested in what’s going on in Texas if you wish to stop getting this update email me and I’ll stop sending them to you.
Definitely some new information... I will have to investigate some of these claims...

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