Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is Bill White a good tactician?

Bill McKenzie with a story about Bill White's trial lawyer prowess (link). Excerpt follows...

The challenge before White is that he has no experience running a statewide campaign against a guy who knows how to keep his opponents off-balance by constantly poking them in the chest. Perry certainly doesn't expect White to respond to each poke, but he also knows he can lure him into his trap with some of them.

From White's perspective, finding the right cadence will be crucial. He could drain his campaign of energy if he tries to respond to every poke. But he also can't let Perry define him, as the governor did with Hutchison in the primary. How White handles this challenge will tell us if he can outfox Perry.

This being a conservative state, the race is Perry's to lose. And I mean that: He should win. But if anyone can beat him, it's a candidate like White who can match him tactic for tactic.

Has Bill White shown any inclination of being a good campaign tactician? From what I can tell he is more of a micromanager...

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