Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where are they now? Kay's staff continues to land in new roles...

Kay's spokespeople are both working in Florida now that Jennifer Baker is there with Joe Pounder (link). Excerpt follows...

It's become hard to watch television, listen to the radio or be on Facebook without seeing an ad for Scott, the Naples millionaire. He's spent $4.7 million and plans to spend a great deal more to win the Aug. 24 primary.

Adam Smith of the St. Petersburg Times takes a look at Scott and it becomes pretty clear that Scott could, at the very least, force McCollum to spend money in the primary that he would rather use in a general election race against Democrat Alex Sink.

One of the folks working with Scott is Jennifer Coxe Baker who helped Mel Martinez win his U.S. Senate race. She also worked with Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison in her losing bid to become Texas governor.

Pounder of course is working for Marco Rubio now...

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