Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gun rights decision... Kay wins... Bill White loses...

Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that the right to bear arms means that people have a right to bear arms... gun bans are illegal. This is a win for Kay (link). Excerpt follows...

The Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling today, siding with a challenge to the city of Chicago's tough gun control law, underscores the stakes at Elena Kagan's confirmation hearing that starts this afternoon. It also vindicates the legal and political stance of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison , R-Texas, who has worked with Montana's Democratic senator, Jon Tester, to fight gun restrictions.

Hutchison called it "a major victory for the rights of all Americans to protect themselves and their families. The Supreme Court once again sent a clear message to local, state, and federal governments: the individual right to keep and bear arms applies to all law abiding Americans, regardless where they live."
The ruling clarifies an earlier Supreme Court ruling that struck down gun restrictions in the city of Washington. Hutchison orchestrated a friend of the court brief in that case, Heller v. District of Columbia; the justices overturned the city's longstanding firearms ban 5-4, but left open whether the ruling applied to states and cities that, unlike Washington, aren't subject to federal oversight.

In today's case, Hutchison and Tester rounded up signatures from 309 senators and U.S. House members - the most ever to sign a friend of the court brief - to argue that individual gun rights under the Second Amendment do, in fact, trump state and local firearms restrictions aimed at law-abiding citizens.

It is also a loss for Bill White, although you may not have heard about that because nobody reported on it. This is getting beyond the level of gross negligence or incompetence. The Texas press corps is just proving itself to be an arm of the Bill White campaign.

From my vantage point, it seems like Bill White whispers something about Rick, and the press go with it... run with it... do his work for him...

Rick and his peeps proclaim Bill White's legitimate, verifiable, thoroughly cited malfeasance from the hilltops, and they bury it. Here is what I am talking about (link)...
For Immediate Distribution:
News Release
June 28, 2010
Texans for Rick Perry: (512) 478-3276
Mark Miner: markminer@rickperry.org
Catherine Frazier: catherinefrazier@rickperry.org

On Day 113 of liberal trial lawyer Bill White refusing to release his taxes for his years in public service, the United States Supreme Court ruled that Second Amendment rights also apply to state and local governments with its decision in the McDonald v. Chicago case.

Bill White was an active member of the US Conference of Mayors while he was mayor of Houston, and on April 24, 2009, the US Conference of Mayors filed an amicus brief defending Chicago’s ban on handguns by arguing that the Second Amendment does not extend to state and local governments. [1,2]

Bill White has stood silent and allowed yet another big-government Washington-based special interest group to attempt to chip away at basic American freedoms.

The US Conference of Mayors has also endorsed the principles of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group founded by New York City Mike Bloomberg that White was a member of for years and which the National Rifle Association has called an “anti-gun front group.” [3,4]

“Supporting limitations on gun rights is yet another example of how out of touch Bill White is with the people of Texas,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “The Supreme Court’s decision that Second Amendment rights also apply to state and local governments is a defeat for Bill White and others who seek to restrict gun rights.”


[1] “Mayors Meet with President Obama, Vice President Biden, Key Cabinet Secretaries at White House on Implementation of Economic Recovery Plan,” US Conference of Mayors, 3/9/09, http://www.usmayors.org/usmayornewspaper/documents/03_09_09/pg3_mayors_i...

[2] “Local Gun Laws Tested in Federal Courts; Conference Files Brief in Chicago Case,” US Conference of Mayors, 5/11/09, http://usmayors.org/chs/uploads/amicus%20brief.pdf

[3] “Coalition History,” Mayors Against Illegal Guns, http://www.mayorsagainstillegalguns.org/html/about/history.shtml

[4] “The $500 Million Man?” National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action, 3/30/07, http://www.nraila.org/Legislation/Federal/Read.aspx?id=2828

How many articles mentioned that Bill White was part of this anti gun group and later dropped out in 2009 when it became clear it would hurt him politically? Unless google is broken which may very well be the case I don't know... none.

Where is the hard hitting coverage on Bill White? He profited from a company he was being paid by during hurricane Rita, and the press downplay it and pretend "deferred compensation" somehow is not income... He disenfranchises military voters while TDP chairman and war hero Scott O'Grady calls on him to apologize but the media don't want to touch it...

What about Metro gate...

Where is this stuff? Why am I not seeing these stories? Is Rick's team lazy and not pressing this stuff as actively as they should? Are they just not very good at debating or arguing? Is Bill White just that good of a trial lawyer that he is talking his way out of it? What is going on here?

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