Friday, June 11, 2010

Bill White's mockery of a campaign on the ropes...

Bill White is running a terrible campaign... and by all accounts he is actually the one running it... right off the rails (link)...

Why would a man with a plan take a chance on an investment that, while not illegal in the slightest, raises questions and supplies ammunition to an opponent?

I raised that question this morning with Bill Miller, an Austin political consultant who advises candidates and companies. As Miller noted, every politician is constantly making that calculation. "If the deal is profitable enough," he said, "they're willing to take the risk." (By risk, he means political risk, not financial risk.)

White, a man of constant and careful calculation as best I can tell, must have decided that his million-dollar investment in BTEC Turbines, a company with which he'd had dealings as mayor, was worth any potential risk.


Like a champion boxer burrowing in, they attacked him at his strongest points: his successful tenure as mayor, particularly during the aftermath of the hurricanes, and his reputation for probity.

"By campaign standards, that was highly professional, A-plus work," Miller said.


"I think Bill White is in serious trouble," Miller said this morning. "It's early enough to recover, but so far in the campaign his direction has been backward, and that's a disturbing trend."

What do you think, dear reader: Has Rick "Pretty Boy" Perry landed a Tysonian blow to the solar plexus of his plucky challenger? Or, since we're still in the early rounds, can Battlin' Bill White bounce back?

Bill White's campaign has been going in reverse... despite ample assistance from the liberals who oversee the dinosaur known as the liberal msm.

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  1. Anytime it's about evil Republicans or guns, the Houston Comical, aka Houston Chronicle, is always, well, comical, to read.
    Bill White = 'plucky'?   Plucky?  Yeah, right.


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