Thursday, June 10, 2010

It takes a blogger to do the work the msm should be doing... brings up a great couple of points that the msm writers are glossing over (link). Excerpt follows...

Here's where The Houston Way comes into play. As noted by Root in his reporting (and above), Btec Turbines is a private company. That means small-time investors like you and me don't generally have any ability to invest in the company, no matter how impressed we might be with their performance during a regional weather event or otherwise. It also means that even while serving as an elected public official, Mayor Bill White was actively building his personal wealth in part from knowledge gained as a public official and in part by taking advantage of an apparently fantastic investment opportunity that most members of the public could not.

That arrogant little exercise in investing may not shock locals familiar with The Houston Way (by which Houston's elites sometimes do "bidness"), but perhaps it does explain why the White campaign resisted for so long releasing the candidate's tax records. The way Houston's elites sometimes do "bidness" may not appeal to a statewide audience!

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Bill White lead the Wedge Group, and didn't he have a hand in Wedge buying BTEC? Wasn't BTEC a Wedge Group subsidiary at the time in question?... and didn't Bill White earn more than 80 thousand dollars from Wedge in 2005... not to mention deferred compensation and direct personal investment in BTEC later on...

Bill White's explanations don't hold water.

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