Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Karen Hughes makes nice with Rick's peeps...

Karen Hughes was on Team Kay, but she is on Team Rick now (link). Excerpt follows...

Karen Hughes, the former George W. Bush strategist, predicts a good year for Republicans, calls the Obama oil spill response "almost unbelievably passive" and lauds Texas Gov. Rick Perry skill at surviving a widespread anti-incumbent mood.

At a panel discussion today on the midterm elections, she called the BP spill a good analogy for the political climate. Anxiety about unemployment, deficit spending and the new health care plan "has turned into anger, and it's spilling over in a way that our normal party leaders, from both parties, have really not been able to channel or control."

But incumbents can avoid the backlash if they're careful. "There was a good model in Texas, where Gov. Perry really showed a political tour de force running against Washington. He took a very popular incumbent senator, Kay Bailey Hutchison, and defeated her soundly in the primary by basically turning her strengths - which were to bring Washington dollars to Texas for projects there, and turn that against her. ... Anti-Washington is what is popular and what is selling right now."

Hughes, who advised and supported Hutchison during the primary fight with Perry, made the comments at a panel discussion on the midterms hosted by the George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management.

Not surprising, but it does she she is a good sport and that Rick is consolidating support of Kay's peeps...

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