Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bill White gets endorsement... and press coverage...

When Rick gets an endorsement there is usually little if any press coverage about it. Yet when Bill White gets the endorsement of a specific company's union it gets a big article (link). Excerpt follows...

HURST -- Flight attendants still negotiating with American Airlines for pay raises and benefits took time Friday to endorse Democrat Bill White in his bid to be Texas' next governor.

Calling White a friend of the middle class, they were joined by other union workers Friday afternoon at the UAW Local 218 Union Hall in Hurst to meet with White and rally in support of him.


"Texans aren't interested in Bill White's example, which includes leaving the city he ran as mayor in financial ruin, and siding with the Obama Administration as it implements measures that will kill thousands of Texas jobs by derailing our thriving energy industry that the rest of the nation depends on."

Nice retort by Rick's spokesman...

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