Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rick is having knee surgery?

Rick is having knee surgery it looks like (link). Excerpt follows...

Gov. Rick Perry's having knee surgery on Friday.

In an e-mail sent out this afternoon, Dana Parish, deputy finance director for Texans for Rick Perry, notified supporters that a campaign event had been canceled because of the impending surgery.

"Yesterday, we were not at liberty to give the reason for the date change," she wrote in the e-mail. "But, before it is released to the press tomorrow, I wanted to let all of you know Governor Perry will be having knee surgery on June 4th and that is the reason his schedule was cleared that day."

Perry's campaign would not confirm the surgery — but said to expect a press release from the governor's office later today.

Meanwhile, Parish's e-mail put a positive spin on the situation. "I know this is not ideal and unfortunately may conflict with some of your own summer plans. Cancellations and date changes are very rare, and I am sorry one fell on June 4th. However, it does give us more time to raise money and spread the word!"

I wonder what happened? Rick is famous for his running... I wonder if he hurt it while "coyote hunting?"

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