Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rick continues to consolidate Kay supporters behind him...

During the primary and right after we heard a lot about how all of these Kay supporters were going to go over to liberal Democrat Bill White instead of Rick...

Is there a shred of evidence of that? Maybe a few Kay supporters are with Bill White now, but every indication I have seen is that Kay's supporters on the web, in the grass roots, in moneyland, and around the Capitol in Austin are solidly behind Rick. Some are even overcompensating to help Rick out and prove they are back on the team.

Another article points this out... Rick has the Kay peeps on his side (link). Excerpt follows...

News flash: Highland Park is filled with rich Republicans. With election season upon us, the 75205 township is guaranteed to see office-seekers in search of the three essentials: money, money and money.

Last week, Gov. Rick Perry made up with many Kay Bailey Hutchison supporters who attended a fundraiser for his general election campaign at the HP estate of developer Harlan Crow. Hutchison stalwart Louis Beecherl and state Rep. Dan Branch, thought to be a future gubernatorial contender, were among the GOP thoroughbreds on hand when the governor was introduced by Dick Collins.

If anything Rick is getting a bunch of those independents and Democrats that Bill White can't afford not to have on his team (link).

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  1. ... Kay supporters behind him...
    Hopefully Rich wears kevlar T-Shirts?   With Kay Beltway 'behind' him, backstabbing is a distinct possibility.


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