Monday, September 13, 2010

Bill White staffer spreading defamatory innuendo about Rick...

The sign of a losing campaign.

When Kay started losing it, she embedded secret subliminal messages in her website about how Rick is gay... which got her banned from google, yahoo, and other search engines (link).

Now that Bill White is on the ropes, one of his staffers is actively spreading these same kinds of defamatory and patently absurd rumors (link). Excerpt from a commenter follows...
Please... (0.00 / 0)
You need to be careful with the gay-baiting. There's lots of "politically correct" Republicans and Democrats who will vote for Rick Perry just because of the gay-baiting.
Pretty shocking that a Bill White staffer would do this... seems like the kind of thing that Bill White should denounce and his staffer should apologize for...

Winning campaigns don't do this sort of thing, notwithstanding a few well known examples to the contrary. Usually losers who work for losing campaigns spread bogus rumors through these kinds of black hat whisper tactics...


  1. Burnt Orange is trash.

  2. Whose the staffer? Mike Rogers? Matt Glazer? Burnt Orange Report?

  3. Anon, White is really LOSING it big time and he's so damn desperate for attention (you noticed his recent campaign stop in Houston was embarrassing when only 5 or so TV reporters showed up) and trying to defame the Perrys at every way possible.

    What's next, White will try to smear the governor's daughter too ?

  4. CD, I don't disagree. I am just curious who the staffer is. I have never heard of Mike Rogers before and he seems to be a DC insider. Just hoping for some clarity so I know who to watch and do a little research on.


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