Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rick boycotting New Mexico border governors meeting that was original boycotted by Mexican governors and moved from Arizona...

Earlier this year, Arizona was slated to host a conference of all the border governors including the Mexican border governors... but because of the Arizona immigration law that is making such waves the Mexican governors boycotted and demanded the meeting be moved somewhere else. Rick said that if Jan Brewer wasn't going to be there he wasn't going to be there in a show of support for her and against the boycott of Arizons... even though Rick doesn't support the Arizona law for Texas as it is written (link). Excerpt follows...

A conference of U.S. and Mexico border governors is underway in New Mexico, but New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is the only U.S. governor in attendance after Arizona’s Jan Brewer and Texas’ Rick Perry refused to attend. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was set to co-host the conference but, bogged down with budget issues in Sacramento, at the last minute sent his lieutenant governor instead.

All six Mexican governors, plus several governors-elect, are in attendance, The New York Times reported. The reason for the spat? Brewer’s SB 1070 immigration law, which prompted a boycott of the year’s original border governors conference, to be hosted by Brewer. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson stepped up in July to host the conference instead.

Has Bill White been asked about this? Would he support Rick's decision to support Jan Brewer and not attend?

Border security somehow always becomes an issue in election years... and the vast majority of Texans support an Arizona type of immigration bill for Texas... maybe not the exact language but something similar.

Bill White has run some ads about border security, but like everything with his campaign it is really hard to follow... Bill White hasn't really put out his own plan... he came out against the Arizona law, but he has not indicated whether he would support a similar law if tweaked to fit in Texas.

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