Monday, September 13, 2010

Evangelical epicenters... the United States of Texas...

This is pretty interesting (link). Excerpt follows...
Evangelical epicenters make up one of the United States of Texas that will play an influential role this fall as Texans choose their governor. Seventy-four of the state's 254 counties, dispersed throughout Texas, are evangelical epicenters.
Texas is becoming more urban and more suburban and less rural... witness the decline of the Farm Bureau's relevance in the primary... they once wielded tremendous power but now they are pretty marginal...

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  1. Anybody, I don't care who you are, if you call yourself a Christian and you DON'T vote for Rick Perry... you're not a Christian. Period.
    If you give a care about your faith, you'll vote for Rick. Period.
    There has never been a more person of faith than Rick and for there to be people who say they believe in God yet not gonna vote for him makes me sick.

    Been wanting to say that for a long time. Now I feel better.


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