Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nate Silver upgrades Rick's chances of winning to 85.9%.

Liberal Nate Silver of Five Thirty-Eight (538) at the New York Times has downgraded Bill White's chances to 14.1% from 16.5% just earlier this month. (link). Rick was upgraded from 83.5% to 85.9%...

Has anyone posted those anti Bill White videos yet? Apparently there were not just two... there were three... and the AP reported on them, but I have still not seen them... then again I don't watch much tv... still... they can't be good for Bill White's already meager chances.


  1. I barely caught a glimpse of one in my area this morning! It was not from the Perry Campaign though because I didn't see the "Political Advertisement Paid for By Texans For Rick Perry" thing. But this one was great from what I saw, the very end of it had a picture of Obama and White side by side and it was showing that they are not that different from each other. Mmmmm yeah!! Can't wait to see those polls now!!

  2. Ok nevermind... just saw the whole ad and it is from the Perry Campaign. So I haven't seen the two or three extras that are out there, I haven't seen them yet either. But I bet they are good :D


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