Friday, September 24, 2010

Paul Burka laments Rick talking about issues Texans care about...

People care about jobs and the economy right now... and Rick is talking about jobs and the economy... but Paul Burka wants him to talk about education instead (link). Excerpt follows...
The Perry campaign is deliberately dull. It is full of old messages — more jobs, fewer taxes, secure the border, stop Obama, fight the feds and the liberals. There is no effort to expand the governor’s message beyond what Perry has been saying for years, no effort to attract new voters, just make your pitch to the base. Perry is betting that he can win the election with the voters he already has, and that White can’t get enough Democrats (or Republicans) to make the race close. It’s all about the base. In his last race, in 2006, Perry did have a spot that showed him among school children. Compare this to Bush, who ran on education reform, a base-expanding message (along with base-appealing tort reform, welfare reform, and juvenile justice reform). We haven’t seen any overture to the political center this time. 
Chalk this one up to another example of a media guy who shouldn't be allowed to give candidates strategy advice. People are concerned about the economy, so Rick should run his campaign on education reform? Give me a break.

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