Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Funny flip flop from Bill White on tourism advertising budget...

Last week Bill White ripped the Texas tourism ad budget... it was full bore attack mode from White on the subject... he had nothing good to say about it... he even mischaracterized how the advertisements are funded... and he called it the governor's advertising budget which doesn't exist... very very weird line of attack...

Then the backlash happened... he got letters... he woke the travel industry in Texas... which is taxed at something like half a percent to pay for the ads...

AUSTIN – Bill White's campaign, under fire from the hospitality industry, now says the Democrat doesn't want to get rid of state-paid ads wooing tourists if he's elected governor.

"He's saying it's a candidate for cuts, not that he would zero it out," White spokeswoman Katy Bacon said Tuesday, referring to a tourism ad campaign controlled by the governor's office.

"Bill has never said that he would zero out the state's tourism budget or that he would end any current program," Bacon said.

She declined to say how much White favors trimming.

Seven trade associations representing hotels, restaurants and other parts of the tourism industry have asked White to clarify his position, saying the ads produce $7 of tax money for each $1 the state spends on ads. They're paid for with a small slice of the state's 6 percent hotel occupancy tax.

The former Houston mayor told The Associated Press for a story published last week that he would ax the $22 million annual ad campaign to save the state money.

This week, The Dallas Morning News also reported that White would eliminate the ad campaign, in a story about how some state leaders for the first time are saying Texas' two-year budget shortfall could be nearly $21 billion.

Let me ask this... if Katy Bacon and Bill White are so blatantly lying about a relatively small thing... and make no mistake they are caught here... their explanations are so tortured... if they are going to be so obvious about flip flopping but trying to cover their tracks with lies on the small things...

...what big things are they lying about?

When will the press grow tired of being blatantly lied to by this bunch? When will they stop giving Bill White a pass?

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  1. Hve you noticed that everytime White proposes something he has either broken his own proposal or has to back away from it? How people take him seriously is beyond me.


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