Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rick's lead among women baffles press...

Here is my theory. Rick does lead among women, but possibly by less than this poll shows.... but he probably leads by many more points among men (link). Excerpt follows...

The voter gender gap usually goes like this: Across the country, men prefer Republicans, while women prefer Democrats.
But this year in Texas, there's something unusual going on. Republican Gov. Rick Perry has a significant lead over Democrat Bill White among women.
"Perry is doing extraordinarily well among women," said Mickey Blum, whose firm, Blum & Weprin Associates Inc., conducted a poll on behalf of the American-Statesman and other newspapers. She said that in years of polling in Texas, this might be the first time she's seen more women than men backing the Republican.
The poll found that 50 percent of women who are likely voters prefer Perry, while 40 percent prefer White. Overall, 46 percent of likely voters picked Perry and 39 percent liked White, the poll said.

If you want to know the real reason Rick will win women, it is the same reason Obama won so many women... or why Clinton won so many women... women don't want to have to look at Bill White's gollum looking mug for four years whereas Rick is who they wish their husbands looked like at age 60...
Bill White is just so bad looking, both on the outside and inside... especially on the inside... he can't connect to women the way his former boss Clinton could not just because it is bald and looks like Elmer Fudd... he can't connect because he has no warmth in his soul or compassion in his tone of voice... his idea of a good speech is to go on and on for an hour in a monotone voice... and rarely smile... and then raise his voice to the point of a yell to make his points... his television commercials are the same way... he just sits there kind of hunched over griping about how bad things are. Nobody wants that.

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  1. LOL....Good hair Perry would really win hands down if he had few shots of him sans his shirt..the man has a good "cut" or is buffed..whatever...not bad for 60!


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