Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kay helps Lisa Murkowski retain her position on the Energy committee...

It's practically official. Kay is not running for senate again in 2012, and if she is running her chances just fell again after creeping up since her disastrous primary battle. Kay is back on the RINO band wagon... helping ousted and disgraced Republican in Name Only Lisa Murkowski cling to power on an important committee (link). Excerpt follows...

Senate Republicans defied expectations Wednesday and did not remove Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) as the senior Republican on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. 

After debating her future during a closed-door meeting, the GOP conference voted to let Murkowski keep her committee position despite the write-in challenge she has mounted against Joe Miller, the winner of her state’s Republican primary.

Republicans worry Murkowski’s candidacy could cause their party a safe seat by splitting the GOP vote with Miller, who upset Murkowski after receiving support from the Tea Party movement and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R).

But several of her colleagues argued Wednesday that Murkowski should get to keep her committee position as she fights to retain her seat in the Senate.

Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison (Texas) and George Voinovich (Ohio) were among several senators who spoke in her favor, according to Republican aides. They said the conference should not do anything to harm her following Murkowski’s resignation as vice chairwoman of the Senate GOP conference


Hutchison ended the discussion by moving to hold a vote on not doing anything, which passed. The vote was by secret ballot and the vote count was not announced, aides said.

When asked immediately after the meeting whether Republicans would convene on a later date to vote on stripping Murkowski of her committee leadership position, Senate Republican Conference Chairman Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) said: “Well, there’s no other meeting of the conference scheduled right now.”

Kay, what are you thinking?

There was certainly a way for Kay to get back into favor with conservatives. She was kind of on her way... she seemed to have gotten wise to why she lost... Kay needed to champion conservative legislation... get her name attached to a cause... and not do anything like this to poke the base in the eye.

As it is, Kay seems hell bent on being... well... Kay... which is why she was trounced so resoundingly in March...


  1. Let's face it.   Kay Beltway Hutchinson IS Texas' 'Lisa Murkowski'.

  2. This is the Hutchison that said she would step down from the senate to run for governor then said Texas needed her to stay in the senate in order to stop the health care bill. Then did nothing to stop the bill.

    Beltway Kay had no chance of regaining conservatives.

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    it eats bandwidth.

  3. The link is broken for your latest post about swing districts.Fix it!

  4. Y'all seriously need to get a life. Last time I looked Alaska was still allowed to keep two senators until the election in November. Murkowski is outta leadership but she is still a senator 'til January. Voters in Alaska, most of whom are Republican, shouldn't be blackballed during the Obama-reid-pelosi lame duck session. Is Kay the only one that gets it?

  5. Actually, Hutchison said this is not about the Alaska race for Senate. According to the Miami Herald, she said: "We support the Republican candidate."

    Soooooo...I'm not really sure what the big deal is here.

  6. Hutchison has always supported Republican cadidates. What happened yesterday has nothing to do with that. This is a fine example of some hearing only what they want to hear regardless of the facts. It's time you realize that the GOP is made up of many diverging opinions and we're really better off because of it. Kay has been a Republican since they could all fit in a phone booth (for those of you who are too young to remember what a phone booth is, well its about a 4 foot square room with a phone in it whereby one stood to make phone calls before the advent of mobile phones).

  7. Kay Bailey Hutchison needs to lose in 2012. I will support ANYONE who primaries her.

  8. sara....Murkowski IS NOT the Republican candidate...OKAY...get the facts...ALASKA voted for Joe Miller and LOSER LISA is a whiny child put in her seat by her father.....!

  9. Oh man, you still don't get it. Kay is supporting the Republican candidate...Miller. What she did not support was disenfranchising the State of Alaska while Obama is running rampant with spending and taxing us to death. Do you not understand that Miller won't get to be in the Senate until January. Basic civics.


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