Monday, September 6, 2010

Bill White's DC lobbyist funded campaign is completely bankrupt of ideas...

Bill White has a commercial out bashing Rick for having a fund raiser with lobbyists in attendance... but Bill White had a big lobbyist fund raiser in Washington and is almost entirely funded by liberal trial lawyers and other liberal special interests (link). Excerpt follows...

Fundraising reception honoring
Former Houston Mayor
Bill White
Candidate for Governor of Texas

Honorary Guests
Congressman Chet Edwards · Congressman Charlie Gonzalez · Congressman Al Green · Congressman Gene Green · Congressman Ruben Hinojosa · Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson · Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee
The Honorable Mike Andrews · Matt and Dolly Angle · Thomas Boggs · Michael Bruso · The Honorable John H. Dalton · Lynn Coleman and Sylvia DeLeon · Matteson Ellis · The Honorable Martin Frost · Gene and Patricia Godley · Annelies Husmann · Joel Jankowsky · Ed Knight · Jim Langdon · The Honorable Thomas F. McLarty III · John Northington · Chuck Rocha · Kyle Simpson and Janet Wright-Simpson · Brian and Smitha Stansbury · The Honorable Charles Stenholm · The Honorable James Turner

When: Tuesday, February 23

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Where: Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar

223 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

Washington, DC 2003

Lobbyist attacks. Bill White is not without sin on this... yet he is personally casting stones... I think he will be punished severely by the voters for this blatant hypocrisy...


  1. Most of those people on there are elected officials... and then a cursory glance shows that those are lots of OLD lobbyists, MAYBE current lobbyists. Some of those people are in like their 70's and 80's. I don't doubt that they were lobbyists at some point in the 1990's or early 2000's, but I think you should double check those numbers.

    Rick Perry's fundraiser was sloppy work done by a sloppy fundraising team. This is exactly what we were worried about when his ace raisers left after the primary. Their lobbyist supporters (and BOTH campaigns have them) should have been spread out through multiple fundraisers. There is no reason to brand a fundraiser by making nearly all of the hosts lobbyists. Just VERY sloppy.

    This is not a winning issue for us, unless you have other research. Please stop taking two steps forward and three steps back. If Rick Perry were to make this campaign about inappropriate relationships with lobbyists we would lose in a heartbeat.

    Please focus.

  2. Every candidate has a lobbyist fundraiser at some point. Rick has had them before. Bill White had a lobbyist fundraiser in DC. Rick isn't attacking Bill White for lobbyist connections. Bill White is attacking Rick. See how that doesn't work for Bill White?


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