Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Negative campaigning works...

Omar Villafranca is one of the best political reporters in Texas today... he seems to ask the tough questions but not take himself too seriously... he also plays it down the middle...

He profiled some of the negative attack website efforts of both sides, and I think he did a pretty good job (link). Excerpt follows...

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Whisper campaigns. Smear job. Mudslinging. All tactics that political operatives are familiar with when it comes to campaigns, and the race to be the next Governor of Texas is no different.

Governor Rick Perry and Bill White are both taking shots at each other on-line.

BillWhiteforTexas.Com will take you to White's campaign website. will direct you to an anti-White site funded by theTexans for Fiscal Responsibility, a group backing Governor Perry.

Bill White for taxes is brilliant. I wonder how many people inadvertently stumble on that site because the two letters are switched.

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