Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bill White claims he is not running for senate in 2012...

The Houston Chronicle... Bill White's good friends... have a fluff piece on what comes next for Bill White (link). Excerpt follows..

A jeans-wearing Bill White happily took 21-year-old daughter Elena to lunch at a gourmet hamburger joint in the Heights on Saturday. The former Houston mayor has had precious few such father-daughter moments during 22 months of almost constant campaigning, first for the U.S. Senate and then for the Governor's Office.
Now he has time.
In the nearly two weeks since his decisive loss to Gov. Rick Perry, he's had time to begin planning a family Christmas trip to a yet-to-be-decided Spanish-speaking country, to indulge his penchant for exploring new and interesting businesses and to begin thinking about what he wants to do next. He also has time to think about what might have been.
For now, he said, about the only thing he knows about his future is what he doesn't plan to do. He is not running for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Kay Bailey Hutchison.
"I'm not running in 2012," he said, relaxing on the couch in a sunlit den in the White home overlooking woods bordering Buffalo Bayou. He also said he has no plans to try again for the Governor's Office or for a Senate seat in 2014, when Republican Sen. John Cornyn faces re-election. He looks forward to getting back into business, he said.

Sure... I am sure he feels burned out and a bit jaded now... maybe a little bit relieved in some ways... but he is a career politician and the itch will surely return for him... unless someone gives him millions of dollars to serve on their board or work at their firm...

One thing I don't like is giving sore losers a platform to launch attacks on the winner so soon after the election... as the Houston Chronicle did here...


  1. Maybe once he closes his senate account this garbage will be believable. Another good one from Pathological Bill.

  2. I don't trust White's lying mouth until he gives whatever he has leftover from his unsuccessful gubernatorial race to former Texas Comptroller John Sharp, the only Democrat currently running and his Senate campaign has a facebook page up and running, but no campaign website yet.


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