Thursday, November 11, 2010

Straight ticket voting extremely high for Republicans in Texas this year....

People voted brand, and they voted straight party (link). Excerpt follows...

Few measures give a better sense of where the political winds are blowing in Texas than the straight party votes.
In the five largest counties, 62 percent of voters cast straight party ballots, the highest level in at least a decade, according to figures from the county's websites.
Nearly a third of the votes cast in those counties were straight party Republican votes, better than the party has seen since at least 2000.

For all the talk in the primary about Rick hurting down ticket candidates it looks like straight ticket voting was pretty rampant... and there is now a 99 to 51 House majority which is definitely a record for Republicans in the history of our state...

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  1. The Texas GOP can win more House districts in 2012 to expand their large majority in the Texas House of Representatives, while the State Senate won't change anytime soon.


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