Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Erick Erickson of Red State escalated the rhetoric and called the hearing on Bryan Hughes' allegation about Larry Phillips threatening members with redistricting if they didn't support Straus "Corruption" (link). Excerpt follows...

I know some of you are a bit perplexed about why I, a guy in Georgia, keep writing about Joe Straus, a liberal elitist in Texas.
It is very simple really. Texas is going to make big gains in the census and pick up some congressional districts. Conservatives across the country must be concerned that the man who will have the heaviest hand in drawing those lines is 100% NARAL supported and ridiculously corrupt.
We must fight at the state level here to help the conservative cause nationally in the 2012 elections.
And what happened late yesterday should concern everyone — really concern everyone, not to mention embarrass all the Texans.
As I previously mentioned, Straus sent out his loyal lieutenant Larry Phillips to tell a number of Republican State House members that if they did not vote for Straus, Straus would draw them out of their districts.

When the accusation was made, Straus referred the matter to the House Ethics Committee. Larry Phillips just so happens to be Vice Chair of that committee.
Here is where it gets fun.
Phillips did not recuse himself until after he was named as the man making the threats for Straus.
Rep. Bryan Hughes testified under oath that Phillips had made the threats.
Phillips was then called to testify and would not testify under oath. Phillips denied everything.
In other words, Hughes was willing to swear an oath and risk jail if he lied. Phillips refused to swear an oath so that, because he lied, nothing could happen to him.
And then the Speaker’s investigative committee declined to take any action.
It’s like suddenly Louisiana politicians have taken over Texas.

Why wouldn't Phillips just testify under oath? And why wouldn't Hopson recuse himself? The Straus team needs to be much less antagonistic and secretive and old boys insider esque here because they are just giving tea party peeps and bloggers something to write about... the more peeps write about it the more chance there is that Straus is booted... it is really that simple.

I don't know if there was corruption... I really have no idea what happened or if Bryan Hughes was taking something out of context or exaggerating but I doubt he out right made it up... Larry Phillips is saying that Hughes is lying under oath... but Phillips won't go under oath to say so? It doesn't pass the smell test...

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  1. I think Erickson has officially jumped the shark. Liberal elitist and charges of corruption? Give me a break. It's kind of hard to comment on inside baseball in Texas when you have no clue what's going on from Georgia.


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