Tuesday, November 2, 2010

There is no Democratic Party in Texas... only a trial lawyer party...

There is really no such thing as a Democratic Party in Texas... just a loose coalition of South Texans, inner city urbanites, and trial lawyers fund the whole thing (link). Excerpt follows...

Texas trial lawyers surpassed their 2008 benchmark for campaign spending, shelling out $13.6 million so far in 2010, with famed Houston hurricane attorney Steve Mostyn providing almost half the cash.
Mostyn, the incoming president of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, has spent $5.9 million, according to an Oct. 22 press release from Texans for Lawsuit Reform.
Mostyn was the lead attorney on the recent Texas Windstorm Insurance Association Hurricane Ike settlement, which reportedly netted over $75 million in attorney fees. At the request of Mostyn, Judge Susan Criss, 212th District Court, sealed the award on Oct. 11, so exact figures are not known.
"As has now become the norm, the majority of trial lawyer contributions are funded through deceptively named groups that mask the source of the contribution on candidate reports," said TLR spokeswoman Sherry Sylvester in the press release.

92% of the Texas Democratic Party's funds came from a small group of trial lawyers...

When you look at key Texas House races, nearly all the money for the Democrats comes from trial lawyers... if not trial lawyers than unions based in Washington... or Annie's List also not based in Texas...


  1. Octosurfer, I'm betting Perry wins by 14 points: 55-41, what's your opinion ?

  2. I'm thinking more, upwards of 20 just like the primary...
    But hey, at least we know he's going to win!
    I noticed that every single time that Gov. Perry has gone on national news (Fox, CNBC, etc.) they didn't even ask him about his re-election! It's because they know he'll win. :D

  3. Rand Paul easily defeats Kentucky State Attorney General Jack Conway for the Kentucky Senate race.


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