Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rick takes a shot at Romneycare...

Mitt Romney and Rick have never been buds, but Romney did come and attend a fundraiser Rick had in Texas... and he donated to Rick's campaign, but Rick took a shot at Romneycare this week (link). Excerpt follows...

Texas Gov. Rick Perry suggested Monday that Mitt Romney may have a hard time attracting Republican support if the former Massachusetts governor runs for president in 2012.
“The health-care plan out of Massachusetts, I will suggest to you, is too much like the health-care plan that was passed in Washington,” Perry said, referencing a state health-care plan passed during Romney’s time as governor that is similar to the one passed by Democrats in Washington this year.
Perry wouldn’t say it rules out Romney as a contender in 2012: “I don’t think anyone at this particular point are disqualified.”

Hmm... that is interesting... makes you wonder...

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