Monday, November 1, 2010

Young voters won't save Bill White...

Polls generally show Bill White leading among young voters... but too bad for him young voters aren't really thrilled to vote this year (link). Excerpt follows...

Midterm elections historically show a strong decrease in voter turnout of all age groups, and that holds true in Texas. In 2006 – the last midterm general election – only 33.64 percent of registered voters actually cast a vote.
Compare that with the 2008 presidential election, when 59.5 percent of those registered in Texas voted. The candidacy of President Barack Obama has been largely credited with the jump in youth turnout that year.
The gubernatorial race between incumbent Gov. Rick Perry and former Houston mayor Bill White has been the only statewide race creating much buzz this cycle, Riddlesperger said, and even that one isn't expected to be particularly close.

The fewer young people that vote... the better... unless they are voting to counter balance the generational warfare that the 65+ demo is waging on them. Unfortunately though young people usually don't pay attention to the fact that they are getting the shaft and will bear the brunt their parents' and grandparents' "give me more benefits and charge it to the next generation" attitude.

To my kids, I apologize on behalf of my entire generation, the "worst" generation in American history. We screwed you over and there is almost nothing you can do about it because we raised you to be so clueless and more focused on how to pay for tomorrow's Jay-Z concert and a 24 pack of beer this weekend than the fact that our generation and my parents' generation is using the future adult you as an ATM....

Ah politics...


  1. I'm a young voter and I DO NOT support Bill White!!! I proudly vote for Texas (Rick Perry) and I am getting my friends to as well.
    It is pretty sad to say though, on my campus the Democratic Party is paying students to be Bill White supporters. Every time I see one of them wearing their White t-shirt they look miserable!! And they also don't know why they support him. It says a lot, and it also tells you exactly why Bill White will lose tomorrow.
    But on the bright side is that there are students who are waking up and realizing that being a "liberal" does not make you cool, it does not make you smart, it doesn't make you fit in. It just makes you a mindless robot for an ideology that you know nothing about. That's it, that's all.

  2. Octosurfer, I proudly voted straight Republican in the statewide offices (including for Perry), and I'm betting he wins by 14 points over the liberal White: 55-41.

  3. That's the way to do it Conservative Democrat, it's gonna be a good day tomorrow and I bet it's gonna be a long day just because I'm gonna be waiting in anticipation. :D


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