Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Erick Erickson and RedState keep weighing in on the Texas speakers race...

RedState is not a fan of Joe Straus (link)...

It is nauseating to hear people tell me over the past 48 hours that Joe Straus, the Democrat backed Speaker of the Texas House, is a “conservative.” With redistricting at stake in a state the size of Texas, we need to come to terms with why Straus is not a conservative and should be defeated. Likewise, Republicans who vote for him will all need to be challenged in primaries.
Yes this is that big of an issue. And yes it is worth taking to the front page of a national political blog to focus on this one man in one state.
The people saying Joe Straus is conservative are the same people who’ve spent the past year trying repeatedly to shut out conservatives in the election and dress up moderates and liberals as conservatives.
It is not going to work.
Anyone who says Joe Straus is a conservative is either a fool or a liar.
I hate to be that blunt, but the truth sometimes must be.

Does a guy in Georgia have sway in Texas legislative politics? Probably somewhat... he is on CNN all the time and does command a Texas presence...


  1. If he doesn't have a vote for one of the Speaker candidates, I don't think it matters much what he says about the race. Doubt he has enough sway to actually push any candidate into the chair.

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