Thursday, November 4, 2010

Top Ten unanswered questions from the Texas gubernatorial race...

  1. TAX EVASION? What was Bill White hiding in his taxes, and why did he refuse to release his taxes? There had to be something really terrible, but what was it? Shares in a big puppy mill dog fighting corporation? Funding the 9/11 hijackers? What was he guarding so closely that he was willing to throw away the exposure and singular opportunity of a state wide televised debate?
  2. COYOTEGATE? If Rick shot a coyote where are the pictures? He puts pictures of just about everything on a daily basis up on his "tweeter" page... so why did he not tweet that one? That could have been the most viewed picture in political twitter history...
  3. BOOK DEAL IN THE WORKS? Has anyone contacted that RickPerryFacts guy about writing a book... yes a lot of his facts are blatant rip offs of Chuck Norris facts and those Dos Equis commercials but a lot of the other ones are unique... was he with the campaign or was he just some political comedian with some time on his hands? He was way too funny to be a real political hack in my opinion. They just aren't capable of humor.
  4. PERRY 2012? Is Rick really running for president? I think we will have to wait to see, but I tend to take him at his word that he has no interest in it and wants to build up the power of states against the federal government.
  5. WHAT IF? What if? What if Debra Medina had not run in the primary but instead launched a third party race in the general election? Kathie Glass was horrible... Debra Medina was pretty horrible too... but she seemed to have a better grassroots effort than Glass... and maybe the 9/11 truther debacle would have never come about... Also... what if... what if Kay had been the nominee... or John Sharp... or Tom Schieffer on the other side... would the results have been pretty much the same, or did the campaigns actually matter.... hypotheticals... what if the Texas economy had not out performed the national economy? What if Bill White had been better looking and less dull and less corrupt and more of a true businessman? What if Kay had run in 2006 instead of 2010? Would she have had a better chance? What if this race was in 2008 and not 2010? Would Bill White have had a better chance?
  6. LIBERAL TRIAL LAWYER? What motivated Steve Mostyn to give away so many millions of dollars to an obviously losing cause? Was it personal animus against Rick? Was it just wanting to roll back tort reform? Was it ego? Also, did his largesse help keep Texas Republicans from winning a complete and total blowout across the entire state...
  7. SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSMAN? This one is a lot like the first one, but what business experience does Bill White actually have? Could any well informed Texas voter tell you the name of his company or companies? For being given so much credit for being a successful businessman, what did he actually do? I blame gross media malfeasance for this one... why did they not profile any of the alleged companies he started or ran or otherwise participated in? Did anyone ever ask him about it?
  8. HINDSIGHT? Looking back what would the campaigns have done differently? Was spending all that money on television and newspaper ads all summer a smart strategy for Bill White? Did the six figures the Bill White campaign spent on Facebook fans pay dividends in terms of donors and activists? Did Rick's campaign learn anything in their "new and unprecedented" strategy they want to share with the political world? Did their HQ program really work, or did they win in spite of it not working? Do Rick's peeps stand by not doing yard signs and direct mail and those things, or do they wish they would have done them in the end? Finally... are newspapers truly that irrelevant that basically all of them can endorse one candidate and shill for that candidate and kill bad stories about that candidate and accept advertisements from that candidate... and invent bad stories about the other candidate... and the other candidate still wins easily... does this race have a ripple effect across the country with regard to Republicans and their relationship with the print media? More than that, why did one of Rick's many conservative bloggers not "break" any news about Bill White? I know it was out there. I asked for it all the time. Give me something juicy about Bill White I asked many times... and it never came... was Bill White really that squeaky clean or did Rick's peeps just not want to "go there" and hoped the print media would write about things first so they could talk about them second? 
  9. HORSE RACING? Do polls impact campaigns more than they should? It seems like the coverage of this campaign by the press had two faces... either bashing Rick and doing "investigation" about him... or talking about the horse race numbers... Is that fair? Did Rick benefit from Rasmussen polls showing him up? Did Bill White benefit from that PPP poll showing it as a close race in the summer? Did the polls showing Rick up by only a little bit back a few months ago help Bill White raise more money from Washington groups like the DGA? I think polls do have a huge impact on morale and fundraising and press coverage, and both sides should probably be investing in more polls on a regular basis to show that x y or z % of Americans agree with them on issues x y and z... 
  10. WHAT HAPPENS TO ALL OF THE ANONYMOUS ONLINE PERSONALITIES? Me included... but there are a lot of them... which ones go away... which ones persist...


  1. RickvsKay, I don't think KBH really wanted the Governor's Mansion and you can tell by the body language saying "I don't want to go to Austin, I like the Senate too much and the paychecks are too damn good."

    Now I still got a gut feeling Perry's going to seek a 4th term in 2014 and likely win BIGGER than the 13-point margin this week.

  2. One question I have going forward from here is:
    Why are liberal Democrats incapable of learning?

    Going to my classes post-election the liberal college students either: a.) don't talk about it or b.) smear and divide MORE THAN they did pre-election!
    I'm not kidding; it was terrifying the amount of ignorance in what the 2010 elections mean and how they should learn from it. They STILL don't think they have a problem! And that is bad news for America...
    I don't mean to be a downer as the 2010 election were a tremendous victory, however now that the Democratic Party has chosen to be the party of "smear and divide more and more and more, and when they vote against you make them look like fools and above all else shut them out of all political process as much as possible." That is what the Democratic Party is as I see it going forward and I shudder to think what they will do just to keep the presidency and senate in 2012.

  3. Octosurfer, the Dems got lucky Manchin won Byrd's Senate seat in West Virginia, but he's likely voting with the GOP against Obama's liberal for the next 2 years if he wants to win reelection in 2012 as WV's US Senator.

    On the Senate, I hear the Dems are defending 22 seats.

  4. 6. LIBERAL TRIAL LAWYER? What motivated Steve Mostyn to give away so many millions of dollars to an obviously losing cause? Was it a quid pro quo? Did lawmakers line his pockets with a hefty settlement to fund their campaigns? Did they work to create more opportunities for taxpayers to fund future efforts of opportunistic trial lawyers?


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