Thursday, November 18, 2010

Michael Q. Sullivan talks with Red State peeps about the speakers race...

This is definitely worth listening to (link). Sullivan's perspective is that the Texas speakers race mirrors the national debate between establishment figures in the Republican Party and insurgent conservatives... is he right? You can listen and think for yourself...


  1. How are we defining establishment and insurgent? I would think a guy who has been in the House 20yrs and some of the others who have been there a long time would count as establishment Republicans; they're certainly entrenched. And are we going to consider all the freshmen insurgents? Or just the ones who support Paxton or Chisum? Honestly, I don't see how you define someone's beliefs based solely on a vote for Speaker, a la all this "if you vote for Straus you're not conservative" talk.

  2. Michael Quin Sullivan is an evangelical bigot. "A legend in Texas Conservative circles"......not sure I would categorize him in such a way. Maybe a legend for funding smear campaigns across our state from money he has funneled from his many "holy" endeavors. After all, he is not afraid to hide that he is a man of god--a man of god who sent mail pieces of two men making-out on a birthday cake to try and unseat moderate Republican Bill Ratliff in 2000. Very holy indeed.

    Men like Sullivan are what is wrong with our local, state, and federal governing system. In this audio clip, he says that people, including himself, are not looking to work together, nor do they want a Speaker who is friends with both sides of the isle. People who do not understand that cooperation is the key to good policy, do not deserve to be in the process at all.

    These religious fanatics on the right make me ashamed to be a Republican, and yes, I am a lifelong Republican. Yet Republican or Democrat, individuals who hold a cross in one hand and a rock in the other, shouldn’t be holding a cross at all. Religion should never be used as a tool for control, but unfortunately, men like Michael Quin Sullivan have been doing it since the beginning of time. Only his maker will judge him in the end. For now, people of this state should know that he is not a “Conservative leader”. He is a slimy sewer rat in a priest’s collar. If you don’t believe me……follow the money.

  3. Honestly? Have you ever heard Sullivan speak? I have, many times, and he ALWAYS talks about fiscal issues. He never talks or advocates anything about social or religious issues. He may be religious, but his work does not reflect that one way or another.


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