Monday, August 16, 2010

Bill White releases a little more info...

Bill White has released a little bit more of his financial information but not some key years (link). Excerpt follows...

Financially, White's best years as an attorney occurred just before he became deputy energy secretary in 1993, according to figures released by his campaign to The News. He earned nearly $1.6 million in 1991 and almost $2.9 million in 1992 as a partner at the Houston law firm Susman Godfrey, which he joined in 1979.

Perry has refused to debate White until he releases his tax returns from his years in the Energy Department, 1993-95. White still has not done that.

As a department nominee in mid-1993, White reported assets worth at least $2.6 million, including more than $1 million in a Texas Commerce Bank account. At the time, White valued his share of his law partnership at between $500,000 and $1 million, according to the disclosures.

But he forfeited potential future benefits of that partnership stake when he left the firm. "I lost most of my net worth by going into government," White said during a recent interview with The News.

The Perry camp still wants to see full tax returns, and public financial disclosures, before it considers a debate, Perry spokesman Mark Miner said Friday.

"He keeps trickling out information, which continues to raise more questions," Miner said of White.


Asked why White wouldn't release his full tax returns, campaign spokeswoman Katy Bacon said Friday that Perry was just trying to shift the focus to avoid a debate with tough questions about his record. "When reporters ask questions because they're doing stories on Bill's finances, we provide the information requested," Bacon said.

The News did ask for the returns from 1993 to 1995.

Burn... Katy Bacon is a liar.

There has to be something really really bad in those 1993-1995 tax returns for Bill White to be hiding them. How exactly did he profit from his time in the federal government in Washington?

It's got to be pretty bad...

I think Bill White keeps releasing a little more and a little more thinking it will suffice and distract from his lack of disclosure... but in reality it just raises more questions. Was what he was doing illegal? Or just unethical?


  1. For some reason your writing reminds of of Perez Hilton. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's just a bit dramatic. :)

    Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn. :)

  2. Bill White is a liar and I can't wait until he's gone for good!

    We all know Perry is gonna win, White should just give up.


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