Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On transportation, Bill White for higher taxes, higher debt, and seizures of private property...

What a hypocrite! Attacking Rick for the dead Trans Texas Corridor... while supporting basically what made everyone so upset about the TTC in the first place...

Bill White at his finest (link). Excerpt follows...

— Democratic candidate for governor Bill White says he won't rule out higher debt, tax increases or more seizures of private property as solutions to bring new road projects and relieve congestion on the state's aging infrastructure.

In an exclusive interview Tuesday with The Associated Press, White acknowledged the need to increase the state's transportation capacity and criticized Gov. Rick Perry's policies and proposals, but struggled to offer specifics on raising the money necessary to meet demand.

Meanwhile Bill White's trial lawyer buddy Steve Mostyn runs ads on the TTC... what kind of a dumb campaign is Bill White running here?

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  1. People need to wake the hell up!!! I swear to God if Bill White even makes it into the 40s as far as percentage points go, I am going to be very ashamed of this state. And if Rick gets less then 60 percentage points, I also will be very disappointed in our state as well, in the people that is.


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