Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bill White is a dirty, corrupt, hurricane profiteer...

The AP gives Bill White's conflicting lies about his hurricane profiteering the treatment (link). Excerpt follows...

— Former Houston Mayor Bill White got involved in an ugly billing dispute between an area agency and a company he recommended to help the region recover from Hurricane Rita, playing a greater role in the transaction than previously acknowledged, according to documents and interviews with those involved.

White, now the Democratic nominee for Texas governor, was invited five months after the dispute was settled to invest $1 million in the privately held company. He has so far reported more than $500,000 in profits on that investment.


But records obtained by the AP, including board meeting records, memos and e-mails from the Coastal Water Authority, show White was later involved in a dispute over unpaid invoices filed by BTEC to the agency. The records show he discussed the issue with two top city aides and a lawyer for the authority, telling them he wanted to make sure BTEC got paid for its services. One e-mail was provided to the AP by Perry's campaign.

The Coastal Water Authority hired BTEC for an agreed maximum of $2 million to provide large generators to keep water flowing to the heavy industry that dominates the region while work was under way to restore power to the area.

Problems plagued the operation from the outset, according to the agency's records. Two of the six generators malfunctioned, while the four others "could not keep up with our demand, " the authority told BTEC. At sometimes testy board meetings, authority officials complained they could have bought the devices for about the same price as the temporary lease, CWA records show.

The authority eventually paid BTEC $1.6 million in January 2006, but the company wanted $424,105 more for fuel storage costs the authority claimed it didn't owe.

I guess that BTEC story isn't going away.... and Bill White has been exposed as a huge liar.

Bill White owes everyone a big apology. I don't get why the press keeps covering for him on this stuff. He has lied blatantly to them time and time again, and the documents prove it.

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