Monday, August 9, 2010

Bill White's snub of the prez...

Peggy Fikac thinks Bill White is walking a tightrope (link). Excerpt follows...

AUSTIN — It's a headline that might play into Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White's campaign strategy. Or not.

"Bill White Snubs President Obama" is atop an opinion piece by Akwasi Evans in Austin's NOKOA weekly newspaper, part of the African-American Texas Publishers Association. The next line can't hearten White supporters: "Takes Black Voters for Granted."

"This is a huge concern," Evans, NOKOA's publisher and editor, said of White's decision to stick with a campaign schedule apart from Obama's events in Austin and Dallas on Monday. "It says that in Texas, Democrats like to run to the right."

Evans told me he sees White courting the undecided, "middle-class white vote ... and I think he has eroded his base in the process ... I don't see much difference between his positions and (GOP Gov.) Rick Perry's when it comes to working-class people in Texas."

Evans' reaction highlights one aspect of Perry's efforts to tie Obama to White, and White's determination to run on his own merits. While reaching out to those who may disagree with Obama, he must keep faith with core Democrats who support the president.

Duck and cover Bill White... duck and cover...


  1. hmm, plague like abilities.

    Dems run from fundraiser behemoth?


  2. White has most certainly lost the black vote. Most black people LOVE the President, and many perceive the snub as racist. I wasn't sold on White to begin with, so I may just sit this one out.My grandmother was planning to, but as a big Obama fan, she's refusing to vote for him. Way to alienate your base. We'll probably vote for the liberal independent, or at least I will. There's no way in hell I'm going to break party lines to vote for Perry, because the dude is evil and bad for Texas. Still, he spent 13 seconds with the President, that's going to score him some major points.


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