Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bill White tells black Texans Rick Perry wants to be their "master"...

This is a truly disgusting use of the race card by Bill White (link). Excerpt follows...
During remarks to a group of African-American leaders having lunch at a Dallas Luby's, Bill White said he wanted to be a servant of the people, while Gov. Rick Perry wanted to be something else.
"I'm here on a job interview," White said at the forum sponsored by state Rep. Barbara Mallory Caraway and The Elite News. "We need a governor who's a servant, as opposed to Rick Perry, who wants to be treated as master."
This is really egregious... and a big part of what is wrong with politics today.

Bill White must have seen some numbers that are no good, because he is making a lot of errors trying to change the game. Calling Rick a "master" to an African American audience? That is just beyond the pale...


  1. Beyond the pale? Is that a pun?

  2. He actually says that all the time! You guys need to check out the videos from the Perry campaign or whoever records him. I don't necessarily think it's a race thing, but it's certainly very inarticulate.

    He should probably just stick to the first half of that statement about being a servant, which is appropriate...

  3. Bill White is a PIECE OF CRAP! He will never be Governor and that is that! How many days is it until he is gone? 83 days until Bill White is outta here. Period. End of discussion.

  4. Of COURSE this is playing the race card. Bill White is playing folks like a fiddle with his little Eddie Haskell mild mannered act. He's a dirty corrupt power hungry liberal.

  5. Texas ConservativeAugust 11, 2010 at 10:58 AM

    As Keith Jackson would say, "Woah, nellie." This is the kind of thing that can derail a candidate's chances in moderate Country Club circles.

  6. Why do you focus so much on Bill White? It's not like he has an actual chance.

  7. Yeah, why is Bill race baiting...Perry wants to be the master of whites too.


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