Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Schools aren't rehiring laid off teachers... Doggett's anti Texas amendment even more misguided...

Democrats claimed that Lloyd Doggett's targeting of only Texas for penalty was actually good... because it would create or save all these thousands of jobs...

Only schools aren't hiring back laid off teachers (link). Excerpt follows...

As schools handed out pink slips to teachers this spring, states made a beeline to Washington to plead for money for their ravaged education budgets. But now that the federal government has come through with $10 billion, some of the nation’s biggest school districts are balking at using their share of the money to hire teachers right away.

Charlie Riedel/Associated Press

A 2009 job fair for teachers. The stimulus bill was intended to rehire 160,000 workers.

With the economic outlook weakening, they argue that big deficits are looming for the next academic year and that they need to preserve the funds to prevent future layoffs. Los Angeles, for example, is projecting a $280 million budget shortfall next year that could threaten more jobs.

“You’ve got this herculean task to deal with next year’s deficit,” said Lydia L. Ramos, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation’s second-largest after New York City.

“So if there’s a way that you can lessen the blow for next year,” she said, “we feel like it would be responsible to try to do that.”

The district laid off 682 teachers and counselors and about 2,000 support workers this spring and was not sure it would be able to hire any of them back with the stimulus money. The district says it could be forced to cut 4,500 more people next year.

Get your talking points straight guys... or at least get your peeps on board with your programs...

Meanwhile, only in an alternate reality could this be a real headline on this issue (link)...

U.S. House candidate Flores opposes spending bill that would prevent layoffs

Michael W. Shapiro, Waco Tribune-Herald
Unreal. Just unreal. Flores is on the right side of this issue and Chet Edwards has supported a bill that puts a target on Texas and only Texas... but the pro Democrat media spins it to make it sound like the Republican Bill Flores opposes jobs.

Peeps wonder how Chet Edwards keeps winning... this is why right here.

Peeps wonder why mainstream media institutions are failing and going bankrupt... this is why right here.

This bill does nothing to save jobs. It robs from Texas to bail out California... and Democrats should be taken to task for this in television and radio ads... nothing quite annoys Texans like those who tear down Texas.

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