Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is Brad Watson the only remotely critical journalist in Texas when it comes to Bill White?

Bill White's new positive ad judged as misleading by WFAA in Dallas (link)...

John Sharp raised questions about Bill White on the gun rights issue (link)...

Maybe Ken Herman counts too (link). Excerpt follows...

In Austin last Friday, reporters asked White if he had any second thoughts about his previously announced decision not to appear with Obama at the scheduled Austin and Dallas events. (FYI, there's talk of a second, non-political event here.)

"You know, I, uh, no," he said. "I'm continuing my schedule, and somebody told me the schedule was a little fluid where he would be going and when he is going.

"But, uh, I'll be available to talk to the president, whoever the president of the United States is, at any time. Most people talk by telephone," White said.

A follow-up question asked White if there was "any chance that you could swing by and just say ‘Hi,' and if not, why not?"

"Well," said White, not interested in changing his plans, "because I'm campaigning for governor of Texas and that means meeting the people of this state and listening to what they have to say. You know, I've talked to President Obama before. I've talked to President (George W.) Bush before on the telephone on matters involving Texas. I'm available to talk to anybody by telephone."

Memo to Obama: The number at White's campaign office in Houston is 713-659-9000.

Are there any others who are even remotely critical of Bill White?

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