Monday, August 23, 2010

More reaction to Rasmussen...

I wrote a blog about the latest numbers earlier today (link), but I wanted to look at some of the other reaction around the internet...

Paul Burka (link). Excerpt follows...
What is significant is that White has spent buckets of money since the last poll and he hasn’t moved any numbers.


I see nothing in here that is bad for Perry or good for White. Nothing has changed except the White campaign’s bank balance–for the worse. The political climate weighs heavily in Perry’s favor and is reflected in Perry’s high approval rating.


The most significant number is Perry’s 59-33 margin among unaffiliated voters. If you’re a Democratic candidate and independent voters are breaking almost 2 to 1 against you, you’re unelectable.
Politics Daily sez Bill White's campaign has stalled (link). Excerpt follows...

Democrat Bill White Stalled Behind GOP's Rick Perry in Texas Governor Race


Seventy-six percent see Perry as very or somewhat conservative, while 29 percenty see White as moderate and 42 percent as somewhat or very liberal. (The "very liberal" number is 13 percent).
"Stalled" is an appropriate response to Bill White's campaign...

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