Monday, August 23, 2010

Hey R.G. Ratcliffe... Mean Rachel is not a Republican...

R.G. goofs yet again (link). Excerpt follows...

This first came to my attention this morning through Mean Rachel's blog. She's a Republican with Democratic connections.

According to her, the Back to Basics PAC will be running the ad in Texas newspapers on Tuesday.

Here is how Mean Rachel describes herself (link)...

Mean Rachel

About Me

Native Austinite and Democratic activist, Rachel Farris writes, a popular progressive blog that covers everything from congressional races, to human interest stories, to places with rockin' piano bars. She also covered the 2008 Democratic National Convention with The Texas Observer team and was a speaker at the 2009 Texas Young Democrats Convention Women's Caucus. Her work has been anthologized in several books, including Women Write the War.

Just look at her blog. It is all liberal, all the time. She has an Act Blue donation form for far to the left labor activist Linda Chavez Thompson... she only links to other liberal blogs... Calling her a Republican must be some kind of inside joke, or just yet another factual lapse.

Is there a reporter out there more consistently wrong on these kinds of seemingly minor details than R.G. Ratcliffe?


  1. Thank you for coming to my rescue, Rick vs. Kay! I will say that after I got over the shock and horror of seeing my name next to the word "Republican," I emailed R.G. to let him know that I'm not one. He was nice enough to correct the piece but he did say he thought he remembered me writing a post in 2008 about being a Republican. He said perhaps I was just joking, and I am sure that I was either joking or in a Sarah Palin-induced state of delusion.

  2. p.s. but you did just earn yourself a spot on my blogroll.


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