Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rick calls Bill White "dull"...

Bill White race baits and tells black voters that Rick wants to be their master...

Rick fires back and calls Bill White dull (link). Excerpt follows...

“Look, I'm a passionate guy,” Perry said. “And when I'm passionate, my arms may get out (he extended them). I may, you know, pound on the podium (he tapped the table lightly with his fist). I may walk around the stage. Now, if my opponents find that to be showboating, then, you know, I can't help it if they'redull.”

The emphasis was hard to misinterpret as anything but a brazen slap at his Democratic opponent, the somewhat charisma-challenged Bill White. It had the desired effect of drawing chuckles around the room.

Well it's true right?

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    If dull, boring, loser Bill White can blatantly tear down Rick, then Rick has EVERY RIGHT to give it right back to White (and Rick didn't say anything that wasn't true or controversial)!


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