Friday, August 27, 2010

Rick and hunters...

The machismo express rolls on for Rick, smashing the idiotic Back to Basics "coward" ad like a ragdoll on a train track (link). Excerpt follows...

Perry in the article tells the tale of taking his daughter, Sydney, hunting at Covenant Ranch 13 years ago while he was there "talking with some policy folks." San Antonio businessman James Leininger, a major donor to Perry's campaign, owns Covenant ranch and at that time his two major policies were tort reform and private school vouchers.

"After a couple of hours of policy talk and a quick lunch, I figured I'd head back out to that blind to see if my muy grande would show again," Perry wrote.

Perry's daughter, who just recently turned 24, was in the blind with him and he was explaining to her deer behavior.

"Much to my surprise, my muy grande from that morning ambled out into the sendero again, this time more interested in dinner than love, which saved me having to explain THAT behavior."

Suddenly the deer ran toward the blind. Perry says he was ready.

"Our guide gave the thumbs-up and seconds later the crack of the rifle and the impact of the little 55-grain bullet was followed by the thud of a trophy buck hitting the ground."

The article also contains a photograph of Perry receiving his lifetime membership in the National Rifle Association from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

The only way a Democrat could win this year in Texas is if the Democrat showed on on these kinds of magazine covers and the Republican was a Muslim...

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