Monday, August 16, 2010

Kay rebuilding her image...

Kay was a porker of the month and runner up porker of the year... but now she has apparently changed her ways (link). Excerpt follows...

— Today’s “Taxpayer Hero” is yesterday’s “Porker of the Month.”

Recognition for Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison has varied from second place in a “Porker of the Year” contest to “The Steak Through the Heart of Taxpayers Award” — all within a year from nonprofit watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste.

The Republican’s latest honor — a real one this time — is Taxpayer Hero from the Council of CAGW, the group’s lobbying arm.

“Someone can do something one month that is not particularly helpful to taxpayers, and, this being Washington, the next day or the next month, they might do something helpful,” said Tom Schatz, president of both CAGW and its lobbying affiliate.


But CCAGW, the lobbying arm, gave her an 81 percent in its 2009 congressional ratings this week, making her a Taxpayer Hero.

Her lifetime rating is 69 percent overall.

“We’re glad that she’s doing better,” Schatz said. “And we hope that the senator continues to support all the efforts we’re making to cut wasteful spending.”

Hutchison’s spokeswoman reacted to the string of dubious honors from CAGW and the latest genuine salute from its lobbying arm.

“Sen. Hutchison has been a tireless advocate for the state — especially taxpayers, families, small businesses and the men and women in uniform who are stationed in Texas,” Hutchison spokeswoman Lisette Mondello said. “She has long been a recognized conservative voice in the United States Senate.”

Cue the earmark queen web ad... which really should still be up and available...

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