Friday, August 13, 2010

Bill White Lie Watch... driver's license proposal...

Bill White campaigning in East Texas repeated a lie he has been telling around the state (link). Excerpt follows...

White says there's no measure more troubling than a Texas dropout rate that's among the very highest in the nation.

"It's a lot easier to fix a knee these days than to fix what happens when a young person decides not to finish high school, right?"

White promised the school board more local control and fresh support for vocational programs.

He also took aim at Governor Perry's recent proposal to deny drop-outs a drivers license.

"You know the problem with that plan? That's been state law since 1989 and he's been responsible for enforcing it. We we are tired of this spin. We want people who treat us like adults," White said to a crowd of four dozen supporters and politically curious local residents.

Except that's not the case... the current law is that kids can't get a license for the first time if they have dropped out... the proposal by Rick is to take away a license someone already has if they have dropped out...

When do most drop outs occur?

After kids get their licenses... sometimes because they get their licenses... under the current law kids who have dropped out can keep their licenses, they just can't get a new license.

Bill White needs to stop lying about this. Of course the fraudulent entity known as Politifarce Texas is nowhere to be seen on this...

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