Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why is Bill White picking on the Spaniards?

Bill White is again pandering ineffectively on a dead issue (link). Excerpt follows...

Bill White is keeping up the barrage where KBH left off on Rick Perry and the Trans-Texas Corridor -- complete with the issue of doing business with "foreigners."

It didn't get KBH anywhere, but the issue must poll well for White's people.

The nativist talk bothered me about Hutchison's campaign and it bothers me now

Bill White. Devoid of ideas. Running the Kay playbook which is just a proven loser... this race is so much more uninteresting than the primary between Rick and Kay.


  1. Anon, Bill White must have been hijacked by the KBH folks, who are still bitter that their gal got her you-know-what handed to her in March.

    Perry wins by 13-16 points.


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