Saturday, August 28, 2010

Funny business in Houston... voter machines burned... fraudulent voter registrations found...

Are the people who burned down the governors mansion during the Democratic Party state convention two years ago now targeting voting machines? That is my wild conspiracy theory (link). Excerpt follows...

All of Harris County's voting machines destroyed in 3-alarm north Houston fire

Houston Fire Department spokesman Patrick Trahan said arson investigators were at the scene of the fire, but no cause has been determined.

The three-alarm blaze started about 4:15 a.m. at the football field-size warehouse the county uses to store its election equipment. Firefighters extinguished the flames about four hours later.

No injuries were reported.

The county’s voting machines, including eSlate equipment, were stored at the nearly 27,000-square foot facility, county officials said.

Early voting begins Oct. 18. Election Day is Nov. 2.

Some funny business... especially coming right after the news of massive liberal voter registration fraud in Houston (link). Total conspiracy theory stuff, but it does seem like paper ballots are more susceptible to funny business and late night delayed counting issues than voter machines are...

Since this is Bill White's home turf, it makes you wonder... again though it is just conspiracy stuff but you never know... it just smells fishy...

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  1. I'm sorry but this is REALLY silly. This is going to HURT Bill White's campaign, which is a good thing! The elections official in charge (who are republicans) are going to be able to allocate polling machines using the standard formula.

    Allocation of machines score = Total population / turnout.

    In suburban areas, there are less people but higher turn out= higher score.

    In urban areas (bill white's supporter base), there are more people and lower turn out = lower score.

    Your argument is not based on reality (even though there was clearly voter REGISTRATION fraud, this has nothing to do with actual voting). They were burning the machines that COUNT votes, not the actual voter registration cards.

    Bill White is going to be up shit creek because there will NEVER be enough machines to cover the urban areas and the standard (and DOJ approved formula) will automatically disenfranchise his urban base. This is clearly a win for Republicans.


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