Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Burka on the Lyceum poll... good news for Rick?

Paul Burka has a blog up about the Texas Lyceum poll, and he says it is good news for Rick in his fight against Kay (link). Excerpt follows...
To link to the executive summary of the poll, click here.

There’s a lot of meat here, but the issues that I found most interesting were:

Perry’s decision to reject unemployment stimulus funds:
58% agree
34% disagree

Bank bailouts
25% favor
64% oppose

Automobile company bailouts
31% favor
64% oppose

Federal government is spending too much money
2/3 agree
1/3 disagree

These numbers are great for Rick Perry, bad for Hutchison. She voted for the bank bailout, which was the program of the Bush administration. It was the responsible thing to do, and it will probably turn out well. But it is very unpopular. I presume that tomorrow’s poll will have a Perry-Hutchison head-to-head, and, based on these numbers, I would expect it to be favorable to Perry.
From what I can tell, Kay not only voted for the Wall Street bailout but also votes with the Democrats for one of the auto bailouts two months ago unless I am seeing this link wrong... (link). Do any of Kay's staffers want to set me straight on that vote?

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